In this video, we will show you guys how to set up a spinner in EmuSon OS, RetroPie, Batocera & RetroArch. 

An arcade spinner is a type of input device used in arcade games and other gaming applications. It typically consists of a circular knob or wheel that rotates freely in either direction and is often used to control movement or selection in a game.


  1.  Connect your spinner to your pc, and make sure the spinner is working fine. Then check the device name of the trackball in "Bluetooth & other devices", it will be recognized as a mouse
  2.  Connect the spinner to your console, enter the game you wanna play with the spinner;
  3.  Press Select + X (or Select + A) to bring out the "Quick Menu, then press B to go back to the "Main Menu";
  4.  Enter Settings - Input - Port 1 Controls, you should see the spinner in the "Mouse Index" option (just the same name as it is recognized on pc); 
  5.  Go back to "Quick Menu", enter "Controls - Port 1 Controls - Device Type", and Change it to "Mouse (ball only)";
  6.  You may also want to change the sensitivity of the analog input device like trackball or spinner to your liking; go to “Quick Menu - Options - Analog Speed“ and change it accordingly till you an optional value is attained;
  7.  Press B to go back and then enter "Manage Remap Files", then "Save Game Remap File".

After these steps, you can exit the menu and enjoy your games with spinner now!

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