Build/Upgrade Arcade Machine with Sonicon EmuSon Emulation Board/Raspberry Pi

In this video, we will show you guys how to set up trackball in EmuSon OS, RetroPie, Batocera & RetroArch. 

A PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse to USB Converter Adapter is needed for you to connect the trackball to your pc and gaming console. (You can check this one if you need it.)


  1. Connect your trackball to your pc, and make sure the trackball is working fine. Then check the device name of the trackball in "Bluetooth & other devices", (Generally it will be "Barcode Reader");
  2. Connect the trackball to your console, and enter the game you wanna play with trackball;
  3. Press Select + X (or Select + A) to bring out the "Quick Menu, then press B to go back to the "Main Menu";
  4. Enter Settings - Input, make sure "Automatic Mouse Grab" is turned on;
  5. Enter "Port 1 Controls", and you should see the "Barcode Reader Mouse" in the "Mouse Index" option (just the same name as it is recognized on pc);
  6. Go back to "Quick Menu", Enter "Controls - Port 1 Controls - Device Type", and Change it to "Mouse (ball only)";
  7. You may also want to change the sensitivity of the analog input device like trackball or spinner to your liking; go to “Quick Menu - Options - Analog Speed“ and change it accordingly till you an optional value is attained;
  8. Press B to return and enter "Manage Remap Files", then "Save Game Remap File".

After these steps you can exit the menu and enjoy you games with trackball now!

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