Mega Duck Game Collection
The Mega Duck WG-108 (also known as Cougar Boy) is a handheld game console that was developed and manufactured by Hong Kong-based Welback Holdings through its Timlex International division and released in 1993.

It was marketed under various different brands worldwide including Creatronic and Videojet, and the shell of the console came in white or black plastic. It was sold for about fl 129 in the Netherlands, and for a similar price in France and Germany.
  1. 2nd Space (Europe)
  2. Ant Soldiers (Europe)
  3. Arctic Zone (Europe)
  4. Armour Force (Europe)
  5. Beast Fighter (Europe)
  6. Black Forest Tale (Europe)
  7. Bomb Disposer (Europe)
  8. Brick Wall, The (Europe)
  9. Captain Knick Knack (Europe)
  10. Commin 5 in 1 (Europe)
  11. Magical Tower (Europe)
  12. Magic Maze (Europe)
  13. Mega Duck 4 in 1 (Europe)
  14. Pile Wonder (Europe)
  15. Puppet Knight (Europe)
  16. Railway (Europe)
  17. Snake Roy (Europe)
  18. Street Rider (Europe)
  19. Suleiman's Treasure (Europe)
  20. Trap and Turn (Europe)
  21. Vex (Europe)
  22. Worm Visitor (Europe)
  23. Zipball (Europe)
Mega duck