Ring Fit Adventure Phenomenon: Sold Out Everywhere, What About The Digital Version?

As you may have known, the hot-selling Nintendo Switch Title is sold out, everywhere. If you are lucky enough, you probably can find a used one on Amazon or eBay for like $200 - $500, but it won't guarantee, though.

While most Switch titles have digital copy for downloading on Nintendo eShop, unfortunately, Ring Fit Adventure is a little bit different; it is only available on Nintendo eShop Japan, not on the other areas.

Can you still get it downloaded, if you're outside of Japan? The answer is "Yes". This blog will teach you how to download the Japan version of Ring Fit Adventure game.

You will need:

  1. A computer with browser, preferably Google Chrome;
  2. Email address for Nintendo eShop Account;
  3. PayPal or Credit Card;
  4. An address in Japan to receive the physical copy.


1.  Go to Ring Fit Adventure Download Page:

Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo eShop Japan


2. Use Chrome's Google Translation function, to transfer Japanese to English (I would assume that you don't read Japanese, just like me);

3. Sign up as a new user, or login with existing Nintendo account (you will need to transfer your account to area of Japan);

4. Finish the shopping just like on any other website. Use a Japan address as shipping address, since regardless of the beautiful "downloadable adventure", Nintendo will send you the indispensable Ring-Con accessory bundle, anyway;

5. Keep your eye on the email; Nintendo will send you the redemption code one day prior to the shipping date;

6. Once you receive the redemption code, download your copy onto your Nintendo Switch system, just like what you do to the regular Switch digital titles.

Happy ending, just enjoy the game!

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