Sega CD Game Collection
Original North American Sega CD and a model 1 Sega Genesis
The Sega CD, released as the Mega-CD[a] in most regions outside North America and Brazil, is a CD-ROM accessory for the Mega Drive/Genesis designed and produced by Sega as part of the fourth generation of video game consoles. It was released on December 12, 1991 in Japan, October 15, 1992 in North America, and April 2, 1993 in Europe. The Sega CD plays CD-based games and adds hardware functionality such as a faster central processing unit and graphic enhancements like sprite scaling and rotation. It can also play audio CDs and CD+G discs.

The main benefit of CD technology was greater storage, which allowed for games to be nearly 320 times larger than Genesis cartridges. This benefit manifested as full motion video (FMV) games such as the controversial Night Trap, which became a focus of the 1993 congressional hearings on issues of video game violence and ratings. Sega of Japan partnered with JVC to design the Sega CD and refused to consult with Sega of America until the project was complete. Sega of America assembled parts from various "dummy" units to obtain a working prototype. It was redesigned several times by Sega and licensed third-party developers.
  1. 3 Ninjas Kick Back [USA]
  2. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder
  3. The Adventures of Batman & Robin [USA]
  4. The Adventures of Willy Beamish [USA]
  5. After Burner III [USA]
  6. AH-3 Thunderstrike
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin [USA]
  8. Android Assault: The Revenge of Bari-Arm
  9. AX-101
  10. Batman Returns
  11. Battlecorps [USA]
  12. BC Racers
  13. Bill Walsh College Football [USA]
  14. Blackhole Assault
  15. Bouncers [USA]
  16. Bram Stoker's Dracula [USA]
  17. Brutal: Paws of Fury [USA]
  18. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Second Cataclysm
  19. Championship Soccer '94
  20. Chuck Rock [USA]
  21. Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck [USA]
  22. Cliffhanger [USA]
  23. Cobra Command [USA]
  24. Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia
  25. Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia
  26. Corpse Killer
  27. Corpse Killer
  28. Crime Patrol
  29. Dark Wizard [USA]
  30. Demolition Man
  31. Double Switch [USA]
  32. Dracula Unleashed [USA]
  33. Dracula Unleashed [USA]
  34. Dragon's Lair
  35. Dune
  36. Dungeon Explorer [USA]
  37. Earthworm Jim: Special Edition [USA]
  38. Ecco: The Tides of Time [USA]
  39. Ecco the Dolphin [USA]
  40. ESPN Baseball Tonight [USA]
  41. ESPN National Hockey Night
  42. ESPN NBA Hangtime '95
  43. ESPN Sunday Night NFL [USA]
  44. Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Dark Side [USA]
  45. Fahrenheit
  46. Fahrenheit
  47. Fatal Fury Special
  48. FIFA International Soccer [USA]
  49. Final Fight CD
  50. Flashback: The Quest for Identity [USA]
  51. Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit [USA]
  52. Ground Zero Texas [USA]
  53. Ground Zero Texas [USA]
  54. Heart of the Alien: Out of this World Parts I and II [USA]
  55. Heimdall [USA]
  56. Hook [USA]
  57. Iron Helix [USA]
  58. Jaguar XJ220
  59. Jeopardy! [USA]
  60. Joe Montana's NFL Football [USA]
  61. Jurassic Park
  62. Keio Flying Squadron
  63. Kids on Site [USA]
  64. Lethal Enforcers
  65. Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters [USA]
  66. Links: The Challenge of Golf
  67. Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine [USA]
  68. Lords of Thunder [USA]
  69. Lunar: Eternal Blue [USA]
  70. Lunar: The Silver Star [USA]
  71. Mad Dog McCree [USA]
  72. Mansion of Hidden Souls [USA]
  73. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein [USA]
  74. MegaRace
  75. Mickey Mania : The Timeless Adventures of Mickey M
  76. Microcosm [USA]
  77. Midnight Raiders [USA]
  78. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers [USA]
  79. Mortal Kombat [USA]
  80. My Paint : The Animated Paint Program
  81. My Paint : The Animated Paint Program
  82. NBA Jam [USA]
  83. NFL Football Trivia Challenge
  84. NFL's Greatest: San Francisco vs. Dallas 1978-1993 [USA]
  85. NHL '94 [USA]
  86. Night Trap
  87. Night Trap
  88. Night Trap [USA]
  89. Night Trap
  90. Novastorm
  91. Panic!
  92. Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure [USA]
  93. Popful Mail [USA]
  94. Power Monger
  95. Prince of Persia
  96. Prize Fighter [USA]
  97. Prize Fighter
  98. Puggsy [USA]
  99. Racing Aces [USA]
  100. Radical Rex
  101. RDF: Global Conflict
  102. Revenge of the Ninja [USA]
  103. Revengers of Vengeance
  104. Rise of the Dragon [USA]
  105. Road Avenger [USA]
  106. Road Rash [USA]
  107. Robo Aleste
  108. Samurai Shodown
  109. The Secret of Monkey Island [USA]
  110. Sewer Shark [USA]
  111. Shadow of the Beast II [USA]
  112. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. I [USA]
  113. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. II [USA]
  114. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. II [USA]
  115. Shining Force CD [USA]
  116. Silpheed [USA]
  117. Slam City with Scottie Pippen
  118. Slam City with Scottie Pippen
  119. Slam City with Scottie Pippen
  120. Slam City with Scottie Pippen
  121. Slam City with Scottie Pippen
  122. Slam City with Scottie Pippen
  123. Slam City with Scottie Pippen
  124. Slam City with Scottie Pippen
  125. Snatcher [USA]
  126. Sol-Feace
  127. Sonic the Hedgehog CD
  128. Soul Star [USA]
  129. Space Ace [USA]
  130. Star Wars: Rebel Assault [USA]
  131. StarBlade [USA]
  132. Stellar-Fire [USA]
  133. Supreme Warrior
  134. Supreme Warrior
  135. Supreme Warrior
  136. Supreme Warrior
  137. Surgical Strike [USA]
  138. Syndicate
  139. The Terminator
  140. Theme Park
  141. Time Gal [USA]
  142. Tomcat Alley [USA]
  143. Trivial Pursuit: Interactive Multimedia Game
  144. Ultraverse Prime
  145. Vay [USA]
  146. Wheel of Fortune [USA]
  147. Who Shot Johnny Rock? [USA]
  148. Wild Woody
  149. Wing Commander [USA]
  150. Wirehead [USA]
  151. Wolfchild
  152. Wonder Dog
  153. World Cup USA 94 [USA]
  154. WWF Rage in the Cage

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