Sonicon PlayStation Classic Mini Retropie Emulator Compatible w/NES SNES SFC Game Boy Genesis Arcade Atari - 10000+ Games

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Size: 512GB- Full PS Game Collection
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Ever dreamed about playing all your favorite NES, Super NES, Genesis, and Arcade games right on one single console? Now your dream comes true. And it does even better by including Japanese version games on Famicom, Super Famicom, and Game Boy Series, the full libraries of 20+ consoles from the golden 80s, and 90s.

Imagine you can play Pong, Mario, Sonic, Street Fighters, and God of War right on one console and no need to monkey around, mess with tons of cartridges and plugs. You are playing the entire history of video game consoles.

Ideal for collectors or anyone who enjoys video games, this emulation station lets you live out the good old days of gaming like never before.  

Note: This is the 3rd party emulation station in a miniature PlayStation 1 style shell, not the original one.

This console doesn't have a CD slot so your old PlayStation disk won't work here (Well, you never ever need to use a disc anyway).

What’s Included
1 x PlayStation Classic Edition Mini Console  
2 x Classic Controller  
1 x 64GB MicroSD Card (Preinstalled)  
1 x HDMI Cable  
1 x AC Power Adapter  
1 x User Manual

Arcade (Mame) 
Atari 2600 
Atari 5200 
Atari 7800 
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 
Game Boy 
Super Nintendo (SNES) 
Nintendo Super Famicom (SFC) 
Game Boy Color 
Game Boy Advance 
Sega SG-1000 
Sega Master System 
Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) 
Sega Game Gear

Contact us for the full game lists.  

1-year limited manufacturer warranty

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