Nintendo NES Classic Edition Remake w/ built-in 620 Games, 2 Classic Controllers, AV Output

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Capacity: US 620 Games
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From your first Goomba stomp to your thousandth victory in Final Fantasy, the Nintendo Entertainment System may just be the most nostalgic gaming console ever. And now, a new, miniaturized version is here, pre-loaded with hundreds of the all-time greatest games, including Contra, Mario Brothers, Super Mario Bros., and many more. Just plug it in and play.

Ideal for collectors or anyone who enjoys video games, the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition lets you live out the good old days of gaming like never before. The system comes bundled with an AV cable, an AC adapter, Two NES Classic Controllers, and hundreds of classic games, installed and ready-to-play. The system is also compatible with the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro, but additional NES Classic Controllers will be sold separately. Each NES Classic Controller can be plugged into a Wii Remote controller for use with NES Virtual Console games on the Wii U system Return to your roots…or discover them for the first time. The wonderful world of 8-bit awaits.

Note: This is the 3rd party clone of NES, not the original one (which only comes with 30 games, though).


  • Classic, Renewed - The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition has the original look and feel, only smaller, sleeker
  • AV Output -  Connect to your TV via AV Output and enjoy the classic games instantly. Our easy to use Game Menu Let’s you easily enjoy hundreds of video games on a big screen
  • Largest Collection of Great Titles - Built-in hundreds of games, including Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, PAC MAN, Dr. Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and many more
  • Ready for Two - Comes with two old-school, grey-colored NES Classic Controller and an AC adapter, also compatible with Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro

What’s Included

  • 1 x Game Console
  • 2 x Game Controller
  • 1 x AV Cable
  • 1 x AC Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual


    • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

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