Nintendo Switch Wireless Pro Controller, Controller for Nintendo Switch, PC, Android - Classic Super NES Style

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This Wireless Pro controller follows the iconic design of Nintendo SNES. It is compatible with Nintendo Switch as well as Windows PC and Android devices. It is a great replacement for the Nintendo branded pro controller, at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, the stylish design will remind you of the golden memory of your childhood.


  • Functionalities - Supports motion sensing via built-in Gyro sensors and Double-Shock function via built-in dual motors
  • Ergonomics and Comfort - Ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it comfortable even for long hours of gaming
  • Go Wireless - Stable Bluetooth connection between the controller and your console. Up to 4 controllers can be connected simultaneously
  • Battery Life - Built-in 300mAh polymer Lithium battery, lasts 5 hours and supports playing and charging
  • Upgradeable - It can be upgraded by connecting to PC via USB


  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows PC
  • Android


Connect to Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth

  • First time pairing: enter the switch console pairing mode, press the “HOME” button for 4 seconds to turn it on, the 4 LED lights will be flashing slowly and then rapidly, enter the searching mode. The controller will be paired and connected once the indicator is on without flashing
  • Once paired, press the HOME button to turn on the controller and it will automatically connect to the console

Connect to Windows PC via TYPE-C USB cable

  • Download and install the X-360 driver
  • Connect the controller to the PC via USB cable
  • 4 LEDs on the controller start to flash slowly
  • Windows will do the rest and finish the installation

Note: Vibration and Motion Sensor are not supported in X-360 mode

What's Included

  • 1 x Wireless Pro Controller


  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

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