Sonicon TitanStrike Arcade Fight Stick 1ms Low Latency USB Fighting Controller with Durable Mechanical Sanwa Buttons, Metal Case, Mini-LED Screen, Turbo for Fighting Games on PS4/PS3/PC/N-Switch

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  • Built to Last - Dimensions 35*24*4.8cm, Weight around 6lbs. With a sturdy metal case, mechanical arcade buttons from Sanwa, and a lifetime warranty, the Sonicon Arcade Fight Stick is designed to handle bumps and drops during use and travel.
  • Made to Win - Experience no 8-minute timeout issue on PS4, thanks to its 1ms super low latency. The fight stick features 8 highly responsive Sanwa Denshi buttons in a classic Vewlix layout, ensuring precise actions and helping you secure victory in arcade fighting games.
  • Multi-Compatibility - Enjoy fighting games on various platforms out of the box with the built-in compatibility mode switch. Simply hold a specific button while plugging in to play on PS4, PS3, PC, and N-Switch. Backward compatible PS4 games are also playable on the PS5 console.
  • Feature-Rich - The fight stick comes with side buttons, adjustable turbo fire, analog reverse, and more, providing a superior gaming experience for fighting games.
  • Built-in Mini OLED Screen - Easily view the buttons, analog actions, compatibility mode, and turbo fire mode information on the mini OLED screen, keeping everything at your fingertips.
  • Firmware Upgradable - Stay on the cutting edge of technology with online firmware upgrade service available at all times.
  • Tech Support by Sonicon Team - As the No. 1 retro emulation console maker, we provide 24x7 standby tech support to assist you with any inquiries or issues.



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