Sonicon Ultimate Fighting Board UFB - USB Encoder for DIY Arcade Fight Stick/Hitbox Controller/Arcade Cabinet for PS4/PS3/PC/Switch/RetroPie Batocera Emulators

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  • World's Fastest Fighting Board: Unleash Your Competitive Edge with the Sonicon Ultimate Fighting Board: World's Fastest 0.86ms Input Lag. Dominate and Secure Victories in Fighting Games.
  • Multi-Console Compatibility: Experience gaming across a variety of platforms effortlessly. The Sonicon Ultimate Fighting Board supports popular consoles including PS4, PS3, Wii U, PC, Switch, NEOGEO Mini, PS Classic, MD Mini, Emulators, and more. It has no 8 minutes timeout issue on PS4 and plays backward compatible PS4 games on the PS5 console.
  • Designed for DIY Enthusiasts: Breathe new life into your outdated fight stick or arcade cabinet without breaking the bank on expensive replacements. Whether you prefer a traditional joystick, hitbox, mixbox, or cross-up, our board offers unparalleled system compatibility and performance, maximizing the potential of your gaming setup.
  • Enhanced Control and Customization: Elevate your gaming experience with versatile modes and switches. The Sonicon Ultimate Fighting Board includes a Mode Switch, SOCD Mode Switch & Cleaner, Analog Reverse, Multi-input Mode, Adjustable Turbo Fire, and D-pad Type Switch, providing you with enhanced control and unparalleled customization options.
  • Unleash Uncompromising Performance with Dual-Core MCU: Equipped with the powerful dual-core RP2040 running at 133MHz, the Sonicon UFB delivers unrivaled performance. One core is solely dedicated to processing player input, guaranteeing lightning-fast and stable response times. Meanwhile, the other core seamlessly handles additional features such as per-button RGB LED lighting, a Mini Screen, Adjustable Turbo Fire, and a buzz speaker. Experience gaming excellence without compromise.
  • Effortless Installation, Secure Mounting: Install the Sonicon Ultimate Fighting Board seamlessly with just dupont lines (dedicated GND pin for every button), eliminating the need for wafer connectors or special legacy plugs. Upgrade your fight stick or arcade cabinet effortlessly. Experience a stable and secure gaming environment enhanced by support for a Mini LED screen and RGB Mode Switch, providing convenient customization options.
  • Firmware Upgradable & 24/7 Tech Support: Keep your Sonicon Ultimate Fighting Board up to date with online firmware upgrades, ensuring you have access to the latest features and improvements. As a leading videogame accessory maker, Sonicon provides round-the-clock tech support, ensuring you receive assistance whenever you need it.

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