Compatibility List of Sonicon EmuSon Emulation Board

The Sonicon EmuSon Board has over 70 systems and 148 emulators loaded in the on-board eMMC. The following table is the full list. Some emulators are x64 only since they require a OpenGL version higher than 3.2, like that of the 6th gen and above, Wii, WiiU, Xbox, etc. We will upgrade the EmuSon board as soon as they are available.

The emulators with star are default emulators for the specific system.
System  Emulator Emuson x64
3DO Interactive Multiplayer libretro/opera -
Adobe Flash Player lightspark -
Adobe Flash Player ruffle -
Amiga AGA amiberry/A1200 -
Amiga AGA amiberry/A4000 -
Amiga AGA fsuae/A1200 -
Amiga AGA fsuae/A4000 -
Amiga AGA libretro/puae
Amiga CD32 amiberry/CD32 -
Amiga CD32 fsuae/CD32 -
Amiga CD32 libretro/puae
Amiga CDTV fsuae/CDTV -
Amiga CDTV libretro/puae
Amiga OCS/ECS amiberry/A500 -
Amiga OCS/ECS amiberry/A500+ -
Amiga OCS/ECS fsuae/A1000 -
Amiga OCS/ECS fsuae/A3000 -
Amiga OCS/ECS fsuae/A500 -
Amiga OCS/ECS fsuae/A500+ -
Amiga OCS/ECS fsuae/A600 -
Amiga OCS/ECS libretro/puae
Amstrad CPC libretro/cap32
Amstrad GX4000 libretro/cap32
Apple II gsplus
Apple II linapple - -
Apple IIGS gsplus
Applications flatpak -
Atari 2600 libretro/stella
Atari 5200 libretro/atari800
Atari 7800 libretro/prosystem
Atari 800 libretro/atari800
Atari Jaguar libretro/virtualjaguar -
Atari Lynx libretro/handy
Atari Lynx libretro/mednafen_lynx
Atari ST hatari
Atari ST libretro/hatari
Atomiswave flycast
Atomiswave libretro/flycast
Cannonball cannonball
Cave Story libretro/nxengine
Channel-F libretro/freechaf
ColecoVision libretro/bluemsx
Commander Genius cgenius - -
Commodore 128 vice/x128
Commodore 64 libretro/vice_x64
Commodore 64 vice/x64
Commodore 64 vice/x64dtv
Commodore 64 vice/xscpu64
Commodore PET vice/xpet
Commodore Plus4 vice/xplus4
Commodore VIC-20 vice/xvic
Daphne daphne/hypseus
DevilutionX devilutionx
Dos (x86) dosbox
Dos (x86) dosbox_staging
Dos (x86) dosboxx/dosbox-x
Dos (x86) libretro/dosbox_pure
EasyRPG easyrpg
EasyRPG libretro/easyrpg
ECWolf ecwolf -
Family Computer Disk System libretro/fceumm
Family Computer Disk System libretro/nestopia
Final Burn Neo libretro/fbalpha - -
Final Burn Neo libretro/fbneo
Fujistu FM-TOWNS tsugaru -
Future Pinball fpinball -
Game and Watch libretro/gw
Game Boy libretro/gambatte
Game Boy libretro/mesens -
Game Boy libretro/mgba
Game Boy libretro/vba-m
Game Boy (2 players) libretro/tgbdual
Game Boy Advance libretro/gpsp - -
Game Boy Advance libretro/mgba
Game Boy Advance libretro/vba-m
Game Boy Color libretro/gambatte
Game Boy Color libretro/mesens -
Game Boy Color libretro/mgba
Game Boy Color libretro/vba-m
Game Boy Color (2 players) libretro/tgbdual
Install a new Windows game wine/lutris -
Install a new Windows game wine/proton -
Lutro libretro/lutro
Mame libretro/imame4all - -
Mame libretro/mame -
Mame libretro/mame0139
Mame libretro/mame078plus
Mame mame -
Mattel Intellivision libretro/freeintv
Microsoft XBOX xemu -
Moonlight Embedded moonlight
MrBoom libretro/mrboom
MSX Turbo-R libretro/bluemsx
MSX1 libretro/bluemsx
MSX1 libretro/fmsx
MSX2 libretro/bluemsx
MSX2 libretro/fmsx
MSX2+ libretro/bluemsx
MSX2+ libretro/fmsx
MUGEN mugen/lutris -
MUGEN mugen/proton -
NEC PC-8800 libretro/quasi88
NEC PC-9800 libretro/np2kai
Neo-Geo libretro/fbneo
Neo-Geo libretro/imame4all - -
Neo-Geo libretro/mame -
Neo-Geo libretro/mame0139
Neo-Geo libretro/mame078plus
Neo-Geo mame -
Neo-Geo CD libretro/fbneo
Neo-Geo CD libretro/neocd
Neo-Geo Pocket libretro/mednafen_ngp
Neo-Geo Pocket Color libretro/mednafen_ngp
Nintendo 3DS citra -
Nintendo 3DS libretro/citra -
Nintendo 64 libretro/mupen64plus-next
Nintendo 64 libretro/parallel_n64 -
Nintendo 64 mupen64plus/glide64mk2
Nintendo 64 mupen64plus/gliden64
Nintendo 64 mupen64plus/rice -
Nintendo 64 Disk Drive libretro/mupen64plus-next
Nintendo 64 Disk Drive libretro/parallel_n64 -
Nintendo 64 Disk Drive mupen64plus/glide64mk2
Nintendo 64 Disk Drive mupen64plus/gliden64
Nintendo 64 Disk Drive mupen64plus/rice -
Nintendo DS drastic - -
Nintendo DS libretro/desmume -
Nintendo DS libretro/melonds
Nintendo DS melonds -
Nintendo Entertainment System libretro/fceumm
Nintendo Entertainment System libretro/nestopia
Nintendo GameCube dolphin -
Nintendo GameCube libretro/dolphin - -
Nintendo Wii dolphin -
Nintendo Wii libretro/dolphin - -
Odyssey2 libretro/o2em
OpenBOR openbor/openbor4432
OpenBOR openbor/openbor6330
OpenBOR openbor/openbor6412
OpenBOR openbor/openbor6510
PC Engine libretro/pce -
PC Engine libretro/pce_fast
PC Engine CD libretro/pce -
PC Engine CD libretro/pce_fast
PC-FX libretro/pcfx
Pico-8 libretro/retro8
Pokemon-Mini libretro/pokemini
PrBoom libretro/prboom
Pygame pygame
Satellaview libretro/mesens -
Satellaview libretro/snes9x
ScummVM libretro/scummvm
ScummVM scummvm
SdlPop sdlpop
Sega 32x libretro/picodrive
Sega CD libretro/genesisplusgx
Sega CD libretro/picodrive
Sega Dreamcast flycast
Sega Dreamcast libretro/flycast
Sega Dreamcast redream -
Sega Game Gear libretro/genesisplusgx
Sega Master System libretro/genesisplusgx
Sega Master System libretro/picodrive
Sega Megadrive libretro/blastem -
Sega Megadrive libretro/genesisplusgx
Sega Megadrive libretro/genesisplusgx-wide -
Sega Megadrive libretro/picodrive
Sega Model 2 model2emu -
Sega Model 3 supermodel -
Sega Naomi flycast
Sega Naomi libretro/flycast
Sega Saturn libretro/beetle-saturn -
Sega Saturn libretro/kronos -
Sega Saturn libretro/yabasanshiro
Sega SG1000 libretro/genesisplusgx
Sharp X1 libretro/x1
Sharp X68000 libretro/px68k
Solarus solarus
Sonic Retro Engine sonic2013
Sonic Retro Engine soniccd
Sony Playstation 1 duckstation
Sony Playstation 1 libretro/duckstation
Sony Playstation 1 libretro/mednafen_psx
Sony Playstation 1 libretro/pcsx_rearmed
Sony Playstation 1 libretro/swanstation
Sony Playstation 2 libretro/pcsx2 -
Sony Playstation 2 libretro/play - -
Sony Playstation 2 pcsx2 -
Sony Playstation 2 play - -
Sony Playstation 3 rpcs3 -
Sony Playstation Portable libretro/ppsspp
Sony Playstation Portable ppsspp
Steam steam -
SuFami Turbo libretro/snes9x
Super Cassette Vision libretro/emuscv
Super Disc System (MSU1) libretro/bsnes -
Super Disc System (MSU1) libretro/bsnes_hd -
Super Disc System (MSU1) libretro/snes9x
Super Game Boy libretro/mesen-s -
Super Game Boy libretro/mgba
Super Nintendo Entertainment System libretro/bsnes -
Super Nintendo Entertainment System libretro/bsnes_hd -
Super Nintendo Entertainment System libretro/pocketsnes - -
Super Nintendo Entertainment System libretro/snes9x
Super Nintendo Entertainment System libretro/snes9x_next
Supergrafx libretro/mednafen_supergrafx
Thomson - MO/TO (Theodore) libretro/theodore
TIC-80 libretro/tic80
TyrQuake libretro/tyrquake
Uzebox libretro/uzem
Vectrex libretro/vecx
Virtual Boy libretro/vb
Watara Supervision libretro/potator
Wii U cemu -
Windows wine/lutris -
Windows wine/proton -
WonderSwan libretro/mednafen_wswan
WonderSwan Color libretro/mednafen_wswan
Xash3D-FWGS xash3d_fwgs
ZX81 libretro/81
ZXSpectrum libretro/fuse