The Fate Of Light Gun Games


Toy Guns Shoot Projectiles
Throughout the history of gun toys, it were always a big part of the game. Airsoft BB, paintball, Nerf, besides all these toys that shoot projectiles. Another type of safe and fun way to enjoy the sport of hunting or skeet shooting in your house is a light gun. Modern gaming technology has brought us to a place where competing between players on a PC with a keyboard and mouse seems to weigh more than simply enjoying the game itself;
 Duck Hunt
 Other interesting ways to interact with gaming consoles or PC seemed to disappear; Instead of shooting characters with your controller or keyboard and mouse, why not grab a light gun and go on a duck hunt with friends or kids, or start a quest of killing zombies in the [House of Dead]. 
Now, I know what you’re thinking “Light gun only works on CRT TV not modern flat-screen”. But that is no longer the case anymore! Understanding the principle of how a light gun works with CRT TV is very simple, modern TV refresh the whole screen's pixels every frame, but CRT TV refreshes each pixel horizontally from left to right in every frame. When CRT TV refreshes, the pixels where the target is located will turn white to signal the light gun receiver if the user hit the target or not.
Now, the technology that gets the light gun to work on a modern TV is very easy to use, simply attach 4 IR led to the middle of each bezel of the TV. Not only the light gun will work in-game, but it can also be used as a way to navigate through the console menu like a D-pad or mouse.
 Light Gun Games Are For All Ages
 While going through the evolution of games, modern technology such as Virtual Reality has got users to experience games in a new way, but all the complicated setup and expensive hardware have lost the purity of true enjoyment of games. That is interacting with people around you and sharing the joy among all the people you love.
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